Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take Me Away!

I'm gonna be in love with you until the day  I die.The things you do for my mental and physical, I just cant explain,It has me so SPACED out sometimes I feel insane, I avoided you for so many years saying your no good for me I know your type, now I long for your embrace to comfort me at night, I try to focus my attention on other things like kids, makeup ,and all types of flings, but you just keep calling me and stalking me and making me remember our long nights together, eff the weather, hell wetter is better, so let me moisten my throat b4 I take this long stroke of .........hmmmm.......,get your minds out the gutters!!!!! I was in a zone for a moment as I sit here getting an hour facial , that literally had me drifting off to another place , wow!!Those fingers were hypnotizing , I felt all the stress and pressure being lifted right out of my pores,,He came to me which was so convenient and comfortable, then he set up candles and put on a a soundtrack that relaxed me with the melodies of the ocean breeze,and then he went to work, I cant remember the last time my face felt so refreshed, and relaxed, I cant wait until my next session in 3 weeks, If anybody else is interested in this experience here's the info:
ISSAC DAVIS: 908-361-4705
follow him on tweeter @IDSKINCONCIERGE
book your appt today
Prices starting as low as $60 for an hour
call for details and tell him SOL BEAUTIFUL sent you!!!

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