Friday, June 10, 2011

Space Saver

Why is space so important In any relationship that you have?I'm sure we can all agree that too much of anything is never a good thing, Especially when it comes to space,,The #1 leading cause for break ups in relationships is too much smothering, which in other words really means too much control.I feel when more people realize that a relationship is suppose to be based on alot of positive energy ,love, fun,, building and balance,, and not control, the longer the relationship will last, and the last I checked acting too needy is a turnoff.With any relationship there has to be compromise but just make sure its fair and not just one side,.I can go this way and you can go that way, as long as we come back in full circle and meet in the middle then its all good with me.
In my mothers womb I shared space with no one , I was born by myself and I shall die by myself ,so while I'm still here I have the final say so, and I will never entirely give up my space 100% . Now don't get me wrong my children can invade my space as much as needed, but other then that everyone else has boundaries, one thing I have learned from dealing with so many different types of relationships, whether dating , or with my family, friends are even associates,Nine out of ten times that other individual feels the same way too , they were just  to simple to break tradition, don't be afraid to be the one to show them how to break out of it , and even though these relationships we different , the majority of them never panned out to be what it was suppose to be, so I said to myself one day I said 'Self why are you giving up everything for something that's not even guaranteed",,lesson learned never completely let go of your space 100%, remember to make sure you keep some just for yourself,,trust me, you and the next individual will appreciate the relationship and what its truly suppose to be about ,, you wont have to worry about burn outs as often , or boredom , things will seem much fresher and alive.
Don't forget doing the same thing over and over in life and getting the same results is INSANITY!!!Only you and god are in control of your life and if you need a reminder just take a quick look at your birth certificate and check the names on it. The quicker you become comfortable with being by yourself and see how much fun it is to get some space for me time, the sooner you'll realize the importance of it , and  the less you'll put up with in relationships,and the happier you'll be.

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  1. This is sooo true..I learned a hard lesson with space/me time. However, it's a lesson that had to be learned. Needless to say, I have my me-time on a regular basis and my life all across the board has changed and is more pleasant. It also helped me put a new perspective on things.