Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Planking Craze

When I first looked into this I was shocked, the first words out of my mouth is "What is the world coming too"? one person dead another person in a coma , countless numbers of individuals loosing their job because there so eager to jump on the band wagon ,are we so bored and desperate for attention that we would insult our own ancestors like this,the mental image in my head of what slaves had to go through is very disturbing,then when you see people acting it out and calling it exercise is just ridiculous, I'm sure our ancestors who were being treated lower than any animal didn't consider this cruel punishment good for there health, its said to make you feel better ,well what ever happen to good ol Yoga. Can you imagine all the people who are laughing at these clowns for being entertainment , pointing their finger calling you all idiots, their making a mockery of not just you all, but us all. When are we gonna learn we still have to demand respect not have it taken from us. African Americans have come so far from the days of slavery(even though at times it doesn't seem like it), If you heard someone say your a dumb ni$$a for Planking which part of that sentence would offend you? I wonder what Oprahs take on this is? Its always been said that the  African American culture never sticks together and now its been proven.

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