Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Planking Craze

When I first looked into this I was shocked, the first words out of my mouth is "What is the world coming too"? one person dead another person in a coma , countless numbers of individuals loosing their job because there so eager to jump on the band wagon ,are we so bored and desperate for attention that we would insult our own ancestors like this,the mental image in my head of what slaves had to go through is very disturbing,then when you see people acting it out and calling it exercise is just ridiculous, I'm sure our ancestors who were being treated lower than any animal didn't consider this cruel punishment good for there health, its said to make you feel better ,well what ever happen to good ol Yoga. Can you imagine all the people who are laughing at these clowns for being entertainment , pointing their finger calling you all idiots, their making a mockery of not just you all, but us all. When are we gonna learn we still have to demand respect not have it taken from us. African Americans have come so far from the days of slavery(even though at times it doesn't seem like it), If you heard someone say your a dumb ni$$a for Planking which part of that sentence would offend you? I wonder what Oprahs take on this is? Its always been said that the  African American culture never sticks together and now its been proven.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love Letter To a Gremlin

Dear Gizmo,
                  I can truly say you had me fooled, at first you were cute and cuddly and easy to love,then something as simple as getting wet changed you into a horrible little monster!!!!!!!! Why is it that everybody sends a representative at the beginning of a relationship,Then 3-6 months in they evolve into another creature all together,,I started thinking I was in the twilight zone,, and the reason I stayed is because I'm still chasing that first high, my belief in you, my hope that you were gonna be all that was advertised and promised to me, unfortunately you can never catch your first high, its a mirage it never existed to begin with,You use to be so romantic and loving ,you did everything right, then one night it happen I dropped my venom on top and you turned into a gremlin,,,, ranting and raving and nippling at every little thing you can get your hands on.,,but once I hold you and pat you dry ,and assure you everything is all right, you turn right back into my little Gizmo,,,this is starting to become a job that I didn't sign up for,,the instructions on your name tag said all I have to do is love you, feed you , and play with you,,it didn't say anything about you being temper mental and rude, it didn't tell me what to do when you throw a tantrum , and I definitely wasn't aware that you didn't know how to act in public,,,boy my hands are full,, I got you because I thought you were gonna add happiness, security and love into my life not subtract all those thing, who am I suppose to talk to concerning the false advertisement.....
     Food for thought,,make better decisions, sit back and take your time, be sure of what you want and what your getting yourself into.

P.S  I hope you don't suffocate in the box I shipped you back in.
                                                                                                                               Sincerely Fooled Again

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mother Of Pearls

This morning my big sister Tia  text me and asked me Do I own a pair of pearls??? Of course I do, That's like asking me if I have any  any Grey Poupon! lol, Doesn't every woman own a pair of real pearls? Owning a pair of pearls is a definite must have for your jewelry collection, its a sign of a mature, classy woman, that knows where she is going or knows where she's been in life, this fashion piece will last a lifetime, and will always hold the same value and meaning.Plus how are you ever suppose to experience a true dramatic moment without being able to clucth your pearls! ( Oh-NO mouth wide open as I clutch my pearls and fall to the floor).See the effect.
What are some other Fashion pieces every woman should have in her collection?
I would  definitely say every woman should own a beautiful watch, ( your cell phone is for making calls not checking the hour), every woman should own a pair of diamond studs( notice I said diamonds not cubic)and also a diamond ring whether engaged or night( we must all  love ourselves  first).
Now how about in our closets, ladies we have to remember shop Fashion not FAD ,( Fad is influenced by real fashion that has been repeated from past years and updated for the new generation). Ever woman should own a Classy black Blazer,a White collard button down shirt,a pair of Black Pumps(3inches or higher) and a pair of Neutral ones, a woman should be able to match her bra and panties if not everyday of the week at least 4 out of 7,for every shoe you have that stands out in a crowd your purse or clutch should match and stand out as well, every woman should own a dress for work, church, and to flirt!!and lets not forget about jeans every woman should own a pair of great fitting jeans , something that compliments your body type(,not hers but yours )and of course we all need to own a nice pair of comfy sweats to put on when we slip out of those tight fitting ( i mean great fitting ) jeans!lol.
Also a woman should make sure her hair and nails and make up are always on point when leaving the house , if its not in your budget to stop in to the salon then make sure you have nail polish remover and nail polish at home to take care of it in the meantime, and it doesnt take hours to put on a little lip goss and mascara, there is never an excuse to look unkempt  just sheer laziness,( I too have fallen victim) As woman we owe it to ourselves first, then society next to be what we where meant to be and that's nothing but a QUEEN! Know your worth, Appreciate your worth, and always Love your worth!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take Me Away!

I'm gonna be in love with you until the day  I die.The things you do for my mental and physical, I just cant explain,It has me so SPACED out sometimes I feel insane, I avoided you for so many years saying your no good for me I know your type, now I long for your embrace to comfort me at night, I try to focus my attention on other things like kids, makeup ,and all types of flings, but you just keep calling me and stalking me and making me remember our long nights together, eff the weather, hell wetter is better, so let me moisten my throat b4 I take this long stroke of .........hmmmm.......,get your minds out the gutters!!!!! I was in a zone for a moment as I sit here getting an hour facial , that literally had me drifting off to another place , wow!!Those fingers were hypnotizing , I felt all the stress and pressure being lifted right out of my pores,,He came to me which was so convenient and comfortable, then he set up candles and put on a a soundtrack that relaxed me with the melodies of the ocean breeze,and then he went to work, I cant remember the last time my face felt so refreshed, and relaxed, I cant wait until my next session in 3 weeks, If anybody else is interested in this experience here's the info:
ISSAC DAVIS: 908-361-4705
follow him on tweeter @IDSKINCONCIERGE
book your appt today
Prices starting as low as $60 for an hour
call for details and tell him SOL BEAUTIFUL sent you!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love Vs Money

I think we all can agree that having money is nice and being spoiled is even nicer.So why not want that in your life especially from your partner, you get to go out all the time , get nice gifts, power and options, but( there's always a butt), what about the price you have too pay.Mo Money Mo Problems is a true statement , money can cause alot of the problems in the  relationships  due to the stress and responsibilities that come along with it.What we all must remember is what goes up must come down and you better be prepared for when that happens . I think we all saw the effects the recession had on everyone especially those who were use to having money.One day you can wake up and it all be gone, and because your relationship was based on money and not love there's no way its gonna make it through the long haul, a true relationship can only survive when there's real love involved.Real love is going to give you the patience you need to rebuild together.Also be sure to bring something to the table yourself. Don't get me wrong I do believe the Man,The King, The Head, should definitely support more financially, but you should be able to give back and show appreciation and make your partner feel good for all that there doing,,but there's definitely nothing wrong with having standards., don't let anybody tell you differently especially if you have your own home,car,and income ,just like you should be an assets in someones life they need to have added to yours , because we all know you can do bad by yourself, remember we attract what we are so if your not about ish don't expect someone to give you ish.Only those who do should have the right to be spoiled.Know your worth,,, Now lets dish and discuss whats your thoughts

Friday, June 10, 2011

Space Saver

Why is space so important In any relationship that you have?I'm sure we can all agree that too much of anything is never a good thing, Especially when it comes to space,,The #1 leading cause for break ups in relationships is too much smothering, which in other words really means too much control.I feel when more people realize that a relationship is suppose to be based on alot of positive energy ,love, fun,, building and balance,, and not control, the longer the relationship will last, and the last I checked acting too needy is a turnoff.With any relationship there has to be compromise but just make sure its fair and not just one side,.I can go this way and you can go that way, as long as we come back in full circle and meet in the middle then its all good with me.
In my mothers womb I shared space with no one , I was born by myself and I shall die by myself ,so while I'm still here I have the final say so, and I will never entirely give up my space 100% . Now don't get me wrong my children can invade my space as much as needed, but other then that everyone else has boundaries, one thing I have learned from dealing with so many different types of relationships, whether dating , or with my family, friends are even associates,Nine out of ten times that other individual feels the same way too , they were just  to simple to break tradition, don't be afraid to be the one to show them how to break out of it , and even though these relationships we different , the majority of them never panned out to be what it was suppose to be, so I said to myself one day I said 'Self why are you giving up everything for something that's not even guaranteed",,lesson learned never completely let go of your space 100%, remember to make sure you keep some just for yourself,,trust me, you and the next individual will appreciate the relationship and what its truly suppose to be about ,, you wont have to worry about burn outs as often , or boredom , things will seem much fresher and alive.
Don't forget doing the same thing over and over in life and getting the same results is INSANITY!!!Only you and god are in control of your life and if you need a reminder just take a quick look at your birth certificate and check the names on it. The quicker you become comfortable with being by yourself and see how much fun it is to get some space for me time, the sooner you'll realize the importance of it , and  the less you'll put up with in relationships,and the happier you'll be.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ghetto Fabulous

Every woman should know how to take keep herself up regardless of the budget, there is a growing trend going on that use to be looked down on,or was talked about as tacky,,what is this trend you may ask, I'll give you a hint,I'm sitting under a dryer, with a licensed professional beautician,, getting my$300 weave hooked up,The only thing is I'm sitting in a kitchen and not a salon. More and more professionals are conducting services outside of their home on their off days to generate more money,, seems like a win win situation to me, the beautician gets to keep the entire profit and I get to save at least $100 bucks while stepping out looking like I just left an upscale salon #winning,,:-)

Pros and Cons:
OK lets see , 1 Pro is you're the only one being serviced so the process is much quicker (ladies one thing I hate about salons is having to sit in one all day) another Pro is I don't have to worry about the products being used, If you use a licensed professional she can use the same products that are being used in the salon, and lets revisit the savings again,,hers;s a little breakdown for you

Salon Prices, Hair-$300, Full Sewn -In $200, which equals $500,,now
Kitchen Prices, Hair $300, Full Sewn -In $100, for a total of $400, I just saved $100,
This works for me ,I love to be fabulous but on a budget,,Its called survival of the fittest,

Cons: I think the only Con to this is that you have to deal with whatever they have going on in their house at that time, such as sitting there watching dinner being cooked, or kids running around hitting the top of the dryer while your sitting under it,,best bet is to just mingle right on in like your family, and lucky for me I'm already considered family in this house hold so it's all good.

Now lets Dish and Discuss, is this a do or don't and why,,

BTW: She is currently in the process of getting the doors opened at her own salon, In the meantime anybody else that doesn't mind being Ghetto Fabulous here's her info:
Latice Hollis 908-456-4726, ask her about the new Rusk Wand Curlers,let her know Sol Beautiful sent you1:-)