Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love Letter To a Gremlin

Dear Gizmo,
                  I can truly say you had me fooled, at first you were cute and cuddly and easy to love,then something as simple as getting wet changed you into a horrible little monster!!!!!!!! Why is it that everybody sends a representative at the beginning of a relationship,Then 3-6 months in they evolve into another creature all together,,I started thinking I was in the twilight zone,, and the reason I stayed is because I'm still chasing that first high, my belief in you, my hope that you were gonna be all that was advertised and promised to me, unfortunately you can never catch your first high, its a mirage it never existed to begin with,You use to be so romantic and loving ,you did everything right, then one night it happen I dropped my venom on top and you turned into a gremlin,,,, ranting and raving and nippling at every little thing you can get your hands on.,,but once I hold you and pat you dry ,and assure you everything is all right, you turn right back into my little Gizmo,,,this is starting to become a job that I didn't sign up for,,the instructions on your name tag said all I have to do is love you, feed you , and play with you,,it didn't say anything about you being temper mental and rude, it didn't tell me what to do when you throw a tantrum , and I definitely wasn't aware that you didn't know how to act in public,,,boy my hands are full,, I got you because I thought you were gonna add happiness, security and love into my life not subtract all those thing, who am I suppose to talk to concerning the false advertisement.....
     Food for thought,,make better decisions, sit back and take your time, be sure of what you want and what your getting yourself into.

P.S  I hope you don't suffocate in the box I shipped you back in.
                                                                                                                               Sincerely Fooled Again

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  1. Thats why we keep recieptls... Air Mail...LoL