Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love Vs Money

I think we all can agree that having money is nice and being spoiled is even nicer.So why not want that in your life especially from your partner, you get to go out all the time , get nice gifts, power and options, but( there's always a butt), what about the price you have too pay.Mo Money Mo Problems is a true statement , money can cause alot of the problems in the  relationships  due to the stress and responsibilities that come along with it.What we all must remember is what goes up must come down and you better be prepared for when that happens . I think we all saw the effects the recession had on everyone especially those who were use to having money.One day you can wake up and it all be gone, and because your relationship was based on money and not love there's no way its gonna make it through the long haul, a true relationship can only survive when there's real love involved.Real love is going to give you the patience you need to rebuild together.Also be sure to bring something to the table yourself. Don't get me wrong I do believe the Man,The King, The Head, should definitely support more financially, but you should be able to give back and show appreciation and make your partner feel good for all that there doing,,but there's definitely nothing wrong with having standards., don't let anybody tell you differently especially if you have your own home,car,and income ,just like you should be an assets in someones life they need to have added to yours , because we all know you can do bad by yourself, remember we attract what we are so if your not about ish don't expect someone to give you ish.Only those who do should have the right to be spoiled.Know your worth,,, Now lets dish and discuss whats your thoughts

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