Monday, June 6, 2011

Spicy Weiner

What If everyone who cheated had to go on the National News and admit to cheating, like Rep.Weiner, Is it just the people in the public eye whose expected to be perfect or Else!! I know with holding a certain title(whether in politics,sports,or entertainment) their are certain responsibilities that come along with it,maybe that's why the payoff is so big(hmm?) What I saw as I watched Rep.Weiner make a public apology was a regular man who made a stupid mistake and was more so humiliated and embarrassed then he is truly sorry, he's only sorry he got caught (sloppy) typical ,,people wake up!! Pay attention to what you are doing,its always one little stupid slip up( like sending a photo to tweeter instead of private text)that gets you caught now what! Everything comes crashing down  in whats now a  national scandal your whole life flipped upside down in a blink of an eye.Just last week they were calling him Feisty Weiner then the next thing you know your grown ass is on the News crying like a baby, snot dripping all choked up(hilarious) Is it worth it,because the risk you're taking may be the biggest mistake or greatest adventure in your life, too bad you cant preview and fast forward to see how it all pans out ,but unfortunately you cant,,some may say I only have one life to live and its mine to control and to  do whatever I choose to do with it (devilish grin), then others may say there's just too many things going around such as A.I.D.S(#1 leading death among African American women) hurting people  that love you, karma,and just sticking to morals taught to us from the bible,,It all boils down to making better decisions and respecting people enough to at least let them know the truth so that they can exercise their options,people may not like the truth and it may hurt but they have no choice but to respect the truth. Lets dish and discuss , what do you think?

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