Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mother Of Pearls

This morning my big sister Tia  text me and asked me Do I own a pair of pearls??? Of course I do, That's like asking me if I have any  any Grey Poupon! lol, Doesn't every woman own a pair of real pearls? Owning a pair of pearls is a definite must have for your jewelry collection, its a sign of a mature, classy woman, that knows where she is going or knows where she's been in life, this fashion piece will last a lifetime, and will always hold the same value and meaning.Plus how are you ever suppose to experience a true dramatic moment without being able to clucth your pearls! ( Oh-NO mouth wide open as I clutch my pearls and fall to the floor).See the effect.
What are some other Fashion pieces every woman should have in her collection?
I would  definitely say every woman should own a beautiful watch, ( your cell phone is for making calls not checking the hour), every woman should own a pair of diamond studs( notice I said diamonds not cubic)and also a diamond ring whether engaged or night( we must all  love ourselves  first).
Now how about in our closets, ladies we have to remember shop Fashion not FAD ,( Fad is influenced by real fashion that has been repeated from past years and updated for the new generation). Ever woman should own a Classy black Blazer,a White collard button down shirt,a pair of Black Pumps(3inches or higher) and a pair of Neutral ones, a woman should be able to match her bra and panties if not everyday of the week at least 4 out of 7,for every shoe you have that stands out in a crowd your purse or clutch should match and stand out as well, every woman should own a dress for work, church, and to flirt!!and lets not forget about jeans every woman should own a pair of great fitting jeans , something that compliments your body type(,not hers but yours )and of course we all need to own a nice pair of comfy sweats to put on when we slip out of those tight fitting ( i mean great fitting ) jeans!lol.
Also a woman should make sure her hair and nails and make up are always on point when leaving the house , if its not in your budget to stop in to the salon then make sure you have nail polish remover and nail polish at home to take care of it in the meantime, and it doesnt take hours to put on a little lip goss and mascara, there is never an excuse to look unkempt  just sheer laziness,( I too have fallen victim) As woman we owe it to ourselves first, then society next to be what we where meant to be and that's nothing but a QUEEN! Know your worth, Appreciate your worth, and always Love your worth!

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