Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dose of Reality

So anyone with two eyes and two ears , has now realized that Reality Shows are the new T.V Addiction,, I have to admit it definitely has me scheduling my day around show times. There is a reality show for every walk of life, and since I have so many different personalities I'm always entertained ,I can go from watching The Atlanta Housewives for some southern comfort & drama , then click  over to Gatsby for my dose of what some people call Jersey,Then Mob Wives to see how they get down in Staten Island, and back to Miami for Basketball Wives, I mean the list can go on and on,, it gets so bad that I actually start checking dates on my calender to make sure my DVR is set accordingly, It seems like all the real good ones come on all the same night., not a problem for a Reality Junkie, I have mastered recording 6 shows in a three hour sequence,Every Reality Junkie has to have a DVR  so that of course u miss nothing , u can rewind, pause to check out makeup and fashion , I mean it just becomes a way of life.I truly believe that the only way this Reality Rage would end is when they start coming out with better sitcoms, even The Game this season was not as good as it use to be. One that looks a little promising  is Single Ladies, Featuring Lisa Ray McCoy & Stacey Dash with guest appearance's  by Eve, Lauren London,Kim Porter, and Queen Latifah to name just a few. Stay tuned and lets dish...I heard there was drama on the set already with Lisa & Stacey , word is Lisa threw Stacey around like a rag doll(oh-no!), but during an interview later that week on Wendy Williams, Lisa Ray denied it and cleaned it up by saying "when you work together every day for so any hours in a day theirs bound to be a little tension but nothing more,(um-hm)??I'm sure will all see what really happen behind the scenes when Lisa Ray's reality show comes back on.


  1. I only watched Single Ladies because of Stacey Dash, lol.