Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ghetto Fabulous

Every woman should know how to take keep herself up regardless of the budget, there is a growing trend going on that use to be looked down on,or was talked about as tacky,,what is this trend you may ask, I'll give you a hint,I'm sitting under a dryer, with a licensed professional beautician,, getting my$300 weave hooked up,The only thing is I'm sitting in a kitchen and not a salon. More and more professionals are conducting services outside of their home on their off days to generate more money,, seems like a win win situation to me, the beautician gets to keep the entire profit and I get to save at least $100 bucks while stepping out looking like I just left an upscale salon #winning,,:-)

Pros and Cons:
OK lets see , 1 Pro is you're the only one being serviced so the process is much quicker (ladies one thing I hate about salons is having to sit in one all day) another Pro is I don't have to worry about the products being used, If you use a licensed professional she can use the same products that are being used in the salon, and lets revisit the savings again,,hers;s a little breakdown for you

Salon Prices, Hair-$300, Full Sewn -In $200, which equals $500,,now
Kitchen Prices, Hair $300, Full Sewn -In $100, for a total of $400, I just saved $100,
This works for me ,I love to be fabulous but on a budget,,Its called survival of the fittest,

Cons: I think the only Con to this is that you have to deal with whatever they have going on in their house at that time, such as sitting there watching dinner being cooked, or kids running around hitting the top of the dryer while your sitting under it,,best bet is to just mingle right on in like your family, and lucky for me I'm already considered family in this house hold so it's all good.

Now lets Dish and Discuss, is this a do or don't and why,,

BTW: She is currently in the process of getting the doors opened at her own salon, In the meantime anybody else that doesn't mind being Ghetto Fabulous here's her info:
Latice Hollis 908-456-4726, ask her about the new Rusk Wand Curlers,let her know Sol Beautiful sent you1:-)

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